Monday, October 03, 2011

Monday funday

Oh boy, if you could smell this little boy's feet right now, it'd probably clear your sinuses! But he'd still win today if I were to be the kind mom that would give awards away each day to whoever was my favorite kid that day. And I'm totally not that kind of a mom. ;) (messed up I know!)

This is why he'd win today. Early this morning (like 2 AM), Drake woke up and came and crawled into bed with us. I usually find out he's done this when a limb is flung in my face at high velocity. This morning was no different. Oh well, I fell back to sleep. Then after my alarm went off and I was laying in bed debating whether or not it was too dark to go running he starts sleep talking. And this is what he said, "you're gonna die because I stabbed you with my sword!" Oh my Drake. I hope that was a bad pirate you were talking to in your dream and not your mom! But I'll guess by the way you snuggle me in bed it wasn't me.

Then I go on said run, and cut it short because I remembered I needed to get home earlier to get Gwen up so she can go to school for early morning tutoring. So as I come in the front door, to my surprise I see Drake on the couch watching tv. He's watching a show on Mt. Everest climbers, and he excitedly says to me "MOM! These guys are climbing this high mountain, and if they slip they'll fall and DIE!" He was so into it. That silly boy.

Then later today I got an email from Ryan with this picture attached. School pictures are in! Yes!! These kids of mine are just about the cutest things ever!
And as I write this blog post, I'm listening to the new Jack's Mannequin. Andrew McMann is a genius. <3

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