Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Fall break means a trip to Nor Cal in our family. We load up the car, and drive up to Sacramento for a couple of days so we can see Grammy and friends. Too bad I didn't find my camera until after we left there, so it is undocumented. Oops. (but is was so good to see you Desi and Jeppesens!) At least we do have these sweet pics from our drive up.
Check out Drake. He picked this outfit, if you couldn't tell. Because what goes better with red shorts than a slightly different shade of red for a shirt? And then the cherry on top is the Cowboy boots. And he wore them for the entire 12 hour drive!
These kids conked out for a lot of the drive. And I'll bet they now regret picking the small booster seats rather than the ones with backs and head rests.
We had so much fun playing with the Taylors. We did the usual, parks, parks, parks. While it was incredibly warm for San Francisco (85º), it was much cooler than the 105º it was back home.

This park in the city has these super high slides the kids loved. Here's Gwenny at the top.
And now all the way at the bottom!
Aubrey's turn! This little girl is so stinkin' cute! We drove with her in the car with us, and she busted out with just about all of the words to the Maroon 5 song, Mooves Like Jagger, especially the part where Christina Aguilara does the solo.
And these best cousins were so happy to be reunited again.
A trip to the pier to see the STINKY sea lions. The kids didn't believe that they were sea lions. Because they weren't covered in striped fur. Silly babies.
Here they are checking them out.
Alcatraz. I will do that swim some day you know. I don't know when, but some day...
And here the kids are checking it out too. And just after this picture was taken, Aubrey climbed all the way up on the railing, and teetered almost over the edge before a man hurried and pulled her back. Holy cow. We all almost had a heart attack! Let's face it, Tara and I probably BOTH would have dived in after her. All the way down into the cold water, with nowhere really to swim to but onto the docks that the sea lions were on. So thank you kind sir, thank you!
Pier 39 also had some high quality entertainment for us. Enter Jack Spareribs. For two boys who LOVE all things pirates, and a 7 year old who loves learning new jokes, this was a dream come true! And imagine their excitement when Ryan was called up on stage to participate. He participated by giving Jack a $20 bill that he proceeded to cut up and burn only to later pull it out of a box, inside a box, inside a box. What the?? That's impossible! No, not for Jack Spareribs!! The kids were astonished. It was pretty cute.
I also have to give a shout out to this delightful pizza place.
All left full and happy.
We love getting to come to San Francisco and spend time with the Taylors. Thank you Taylors! (and yes, those are my sunglasses Ryan's wearing thankyouverymuch)
And thank you Grammy for driving out to San Francisco to spend one more day with us!!


Emily said...

What a fun vacation! I can't believe how big that slide is. Tell Tara she needs to post a "Moves like Jagger" music video. :)

Tara T said...

I almost forgot about Aubrey almost going over! That girl is crazy. It was SO much fun having you guys out here - as always. Next time we will make sure to go to Alcatraz and make it out to Half Moon Bay, just not the day of their pumpkin festival. :)