Thursday, October 06, 2011


This morning I was in a hurry to get to school. So for breakfast I just threw some strawberries and raspberries in a ziploc and figured I'd eat them while studying. Plan was working out great until I scooted away from my desk and saw a smashed raspberry on the table. I thought "wow, that's close!" Then looked down at my shirt and realized it was closer than I thought.
Do you think anyone will notice?
Where is a Tide wipe when I need one?!
Hopefully it will stay cool enough that I can just zip up my hoodie and wear it all day.


Emily said...

Oh no! Maybe you could wear your shirt backwards? Ps you're super cute!

Chelsea said...

hey if you were in slc, you could wear a scarf and coat and no one would bat an eye b/c it's frickin SNOWING here. i think you should just play it up if someone comments: "OMG i'm BLEEDING!!!" or make some comment about lactation or tell them you'll sue them for looking at your boobs.

Monica said...

Sexy Sexy!