Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Gwen and Drake fight a lot. I hope you're thinking "my kids do too."
Lately they'll call each other selfish.
So the other day as we were driving, and Gwen wouldn't share with Drake, and he said, "Gwen, you're selfish!"
To which she replied, "you don't even know what that means!"
I, overhearing the conversation, and seeing that Gwen wasn't sharing with Drake was proud of him because I figured he DID know what it meant.
He yells back, "yes I do, it means you sell fish!"


Tara T said...

ha ha ha!! and to sell fish, or to tell someone that they sell fish is such an insult!!! :)

Heather said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Chelsea said...

LOL hilarious. my boys currently love to tell each other how much they hate each other. [it makes me CRAZY!] it happens at the drop of the hat. and then 5 mninutes later, i'll inevitably hear one say to the other, "i love you." unless it's a particularly bad night, in which case i make them hug until they can say "i love you" and mean it.