Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new me?

This morning I took Drake to school and went to give his lunch to his teacher while he was washing his hands. She took a step back and then laughed and said, "Oh, you look so different today, it took me a while!" Umm, weird. But okay.
Next I hauled buns to make it to institute on time. I didn't, I was late. I quietly walked in and took an empty seat right in the middle of the class. My teacher then walked over to me to shake my hand and says, "tell me your name", I just figured head injury (my teacher was in a motorcycle accident years ago and had a significant head injury that affects his short term memory, and so that's often his excuse). Then a couple of minutes later, while he was teaching he says, "oh KRISTIN!!! I'm so sorry! Of course it's you, but you just look SO different! What's different about you?!" Umm, I don't know? Unfortunately I can't answer him by saying, "oh, I lost ten pounds!" or "botox!!". But honestly, why aren't people I see ALLTHETIME recognizing me today? Because I took a shower? (oh wait, I didn't!) I curled my hair? I lightened my hair like a month ago? Really, what's different about me today?
Okay, that one I have crazy eyes. If I walked around like that I'd understand.
Try again, dork in the library taking a picture of herself:

Does this look different than normal?


Tawnya said...

You kinda do look different. But not so much that I wouldn't recognize you! I think it's the hair. But your eyes also look a little lighter too in the pics.

Emily said...

I don't think you look much different but I don't see you that often. Your hair is to die for.

Tara T said...

its the hair. you slut

Ryan said...

Maybe they had a hard time recognizing you when you aren't wearing a tube top.

Chelsea said...

ummm...are you hotter on tuesdays than on mondays?

MediocreMama said...

Ryan stole my answer.