Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Oh man, Easter just isn't the same without our egg hunt at the cabin. :( But we make do. This year Tawnya and Kolby hosted the hunt at their house. (After last year when we tried it at our park and some punk kids took all our eggs! But I did chase them down, and get them back.)
Tara and her kids came to town for their spring break.

The grands with their egg hunt loot.
Jack and Drake
Look how cute this chubby, fuzzy headed, little boy is.

Saturday we also had our "Jerusalem diner", where we eat on the floor (supposedly with our hands), and we eat traditional food that has symbolic meanings. It's pretty cool, and an excuse to eat lamb. Mutton for you brown peeps.
Also, a great time to get the family together to talk about the sacrifice made by our Savior, and how the atonement has blessed out lives.

Then Sunday, we took the kids to the temple for some pics. I just love Easter!


Jonathan and Sarah said...

Love all your family traditions and the cute temple pics!

Emily said...

Love your family pictures and your Jerusalem dinner! Will you send me your recipes sometime? I also like the peep shirts and that picture of Mason.

JacksonFamily said...

I LOVE your pics! Who took them for you?

Tawnya said...

Good post. Love Easter.

Chelsea said...

your little family is so cute!! and geez, kit is getting big. i thought it was drake at first. and mason, ha, what a chubby bunny. are you guys pinching his cheeks all the time? i'm such a sucker for chubby-cheeked babies.

MediocreMama said...

Gorgeous family!