Monday, April 11, 2011

so fresh and so clean, clean

Once upon a laundry day, I was washing the bedding from my bed. The comforter to be specific. Well I have an old school top loader washing machine, (oh how I miss my fancy washing machine!) so I can't put the fabric softener in when I add everything else. I have to listen for the rinse cycle and then go add the liquid softener then. (I don't trust the Downy balls to release all the softener at the right time) So when I heard he washer filling for the rinse cycle I went in to add the softener. Inside the washer, was the strangest thing, I found all these pulpy, masses. I reached in to discover that a brand new box of fabric softener sheets had fallen off the shelf into the washing machine apparently before I loaded it. I fished through the water and pulled out the dissolving box and almost all of the 80 sheets. I also figured I wouldn't need to add any additional fabric softener. Well, that was over four weeks ago now. And STILL, every time I climb into bed, I'm welcomed by the fresh clean smell of those fabric softener sheets! I just might have found a new way to wash my bedding!


Tawnya said...

You wash your bedding?? Wow.

Chelsea said...

i am LOL at Tawnya's comment. i was just going to say that one of my friends actually was using liquid fabric softener for a while and not realizing it wasn't laundry soap. haha!