Monday, April 04, 2011

home improvementifications

We have a grapefruit tree.
A big, ugly, overgrown, half dead grapefruit tree.
Ryan called up Kolby and asked him if he could borrow his chain saw.
There was a little boy who was amazed by his dad and the chainsaw.
He wanted to play too.
They worked hard, those two.
Behold the before-
And behold the after-
And still on the to do list,
building a block wall
installing a sprinkler system

But those things will have to wait since this weekend this happened:
I came home from school Friday afternoon, and our house was so hot!
This is what the thermostat read:
thankfully Saturday the blessed AC people came out to replace the old broken heap of junk on the roof.
A crane had to come out to lift the old one off and the new one up.
We are now basking in the coolness of our new AC.
And trying hard not to think of the price paid for that cool air.


Emily said...

Woah! Great improvements to your tree and awesome crane pictures. Do you actually get grapefruit? I almost can't remember what 90 feels like.

Tara T said...

Dang Gina! Good work on that tree! And holy crane! All these home improvements...does this mean you guys are going to stay there?

Monica said...

So crazy! I remember coming to your other house. : )

Lissa said...

I totally feel your pain on the pretty price those darn things costs. We finally caved and purchased a brand new one too, and now we are moving! Dang it!

Oh ya...I stalk your blog from Tawnya's. Hope that's ok!