Saturday, November 21, 2009

my running baby

So Gwen has loved going to my races, and envies my medals. She has been saying that she wants to do a race and earn a medal. Well, I found the perfect first race for her. Part of the Arizona Ironman is a kid run that I entered her in. She's been practicing and this morning was her time to shine!
It was 48ยบ so Drake stayed huddled in this blanket for a while.

They grouped the kids according to their grades, so Gwen was with other kids her age.

So Gwen's making a funny face here, but this was the only picture with her medal that she's so proud of in it.
Way to go Gwenny bum, we're sure proud of you!


Mark & Stephanie Humpherys said...

That is soo cute!! Your such a great mom and great example to your kids...I admire you!

Morgan said...

that is precious! way to go gwen!

Ryan said...

Yeah Gwen! Sorry for everyone that I made deaf by yelling while taking that video.