Tuesday, November 24, 2009

bake sale

Yesterday Gwen kept asking if she could have a table out front to do a bake sale. I told her I'd make some goodies and she could do one tomorrow. So today while she was at school I whipped some up and when she got home Tara helped her make a sign.

She sat in front of the house for an hour and a half and had four non-family member customers. Eli was the number one customer buying a rice krispy treat for a dollar! (we sold everything for a quarter) It was so adorable! Funny thing is, she came up with all of this all by herself! What a little entrepreneur we have!!!!
In other news, the kids are loving having the Taylors stay with us!


Desi said...

I wonder how well those goodies ship!? You are such a good mom. I would have made one treat and called it good. Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS!

Ryan said...

I am so proud of my little entrepreneur! She is so dang cute!

Emily said...

so cute! and those treats look SO yummy!

Kat said...

that is freaking cute, and what a cool mom to make those yummy treats for her to sell! :)