Thursday, February 23, 2012


Riding a bike has been a sore subject in our house for Gwen. I guess it's hard when you're five, and your barely 3 year old brother decides to ride his bike without training wheels. We were so excited for Drake, riding a two wheel bike as a tiny 3 year old!

Gwen then decided that riding a bike just wasn't for her. If I asked her if she wanted me to help her learn, she'd snap out "NO!" And here's the hard part, she relied too much on her training wheels, and would ride her bike leaning on one side letting the training wheel support her. If the bike tipped to the other side so the other training wheel was supporting her, she'd freak out! So she was done.

So are training wheels a good thing or not? Drake just picked up and rode sans training wheels. Gwen had them, and couldn't learn how to ride her bike.

Anyway, fast forward to last Sunday. Gwen was on the back porch and just decided that she was going to try to ride Drake's little bike, and wouldn't you know, she figured it out! So then she decided to get her bike and take it out front and try to ride. And my Gwenny taught herself how to ride a bike
She was so excited, a bike ride to Gigi's was definitely in order.

Look at my cute little bike riders, with helmets of course!!
Oh, and what's that you see on my bike in that picture??
Just my sweet drink holder!!
I love it.
I love my cruiser.

And I love my cute little bike rider!!

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Emily said...

Congrats Gwen! Fun pictures!