Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lemon Rolls

My neighbor Barb is hilarious. She keeps us in the loop on all the neighborhood gossip, even speculative gossip. She is probably the best neighbor ever. When we had roofers working on our house while we were out of town, she went over and grilled them making sure they had permission to be there. Then she called me to make sure they were telling the truth.

Anyway, Saturday she asked me to meet her at another neighbors house because she needed to help with their lemon problem. Their tree had tons of lemons, and they were going to go to waste, so she had a bag for me and helped me pick a ton of lemons. That was sweet. But what am I going to do with all those lemons? Yep, I made lemonade. Then searched out a lemon recipe for something to bake. I found this recipe on the interweb.
They were scrumptious even though I didn't have cream cheese. Doh!! But I improvised and used that fat free sour cream in my fridge (why would I ever buy FF Sour Cream!?) instead, and the frosting was great! Sweet and tangy.

The dough is interesting. I've never used that much butter in a bread. But it rolled out nice and thick, and I love thick rolls for these things. My other gripe is the "filling". IT is so thin, it mostly ran out as I was rolling the rolls, and I wish I sprinkled the dough with the lemon zest and sugar, and then rolled them and drizzzled the finished rolls with lemon juice. Also, I would reduce the ginger, probably by half.

So there you have it. Lemon rolls.


Tawnya said...

Yeah, most recipes call for way more ginger than I like. They look delish. Where's mine?

Emily said...

Mmm those look good. And Tyrone might actually be okay with the ginger, since he thinks ginger only belongs in sweet foods. . . .