Thursday, February 16, 2012

Arizona Centennial (V-Day)

I love AZ.
Therefore it's only appropriate that this sweetheart state celebrates its birthday on Valentine's day.

I've been trying to instill a love for AZ in the kids too.
So we've been talking for at least the last couple of months about Arizona's 100th birthday.
They've been super excited for it.

Gwen went with me down to the state capital for the big celebration.
Arizona is the nation's largest provider of copper.
And this copper chopper was commissioned for the celebration.
Gwen got down with the Marines and cranked out 10 pushups to get an "army guy" poster for Drake.
What a sweet sister.
This was a mini USS Arizona.
You know, the ship that was attacked during Pearl Harbor, and you can still see parts of it sticking out of the water there.
Arizona had some key parts in WWII, like the sinking of the USS Arizona with tons of service men on board, and then the Navajo Code Talkers who helped the US communicate with their unbreakable code (the Navajo language).
By far though, Gwen's favorite part was panning for gold.
Here she is with her treasures.
I didn't tell her it's fake though.
Should I?
She thinks she's rich!
Then on the 14th, we had a bunch of people over for Navajo Tacos, cake and ice cream.

I slacked on the pictures, but we had so much fun.
And learned a lot about Arizona too.
Good job on the quiz mom and Tawnya!
How would you do? Can you name the 5 C's of AZ's economy? (sorry Holly, courage is not one of them... but it should be right?)
Or do you know how many Interstate Highways are in AZ and can you name them?
What about AZ's highest elevation?
AZ's nickname?

Oh, and here's a shout out and thank you to Jack and Aubrey for the valentines!
Can you tell the kids are straight out of bed?


Emily said...

I love the cake! Happy birthday Arizona!

Tara T said...

Awe, I'm missing AZ so bad right now!!! Damn Andrew and his school crap!!