Thursday, August 25, 2011


Back to school. Back to school,
to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool.
I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight.

Ya a little Billy Madison fun.
But seriously. It's back to school time at our house.
The kids are still adjusting. Daily homework, riding the bus, school lunch!

So we were more than anxious to take our first weekend get away.
I just ignored my many reading assignments, packed up the car, and we headed up to Strawberry with the Stewarts.

We love the Stewarts!

It was so nice to escape the heat too.
Did you know that we have been under an extreme heat advisory for over a week?
That means it's over 110º. Like 115º.

So when we got to Payson Friday evening to eat dinner, and it was 70º outside. My kids were cold, and had to get out their jackets.
Oh, my little AZ natives.

We went to a llama farm. There were goats too.
Drake and Merik got a kick out of feeding and petting the goats!
We also ate a lot of goat cheese, and goat fudge.
Look how cute Gwenny is holding Sophie. She LOVES Sophie!
Also, we could see all of Arizona from up here. Well almost.
But we were told on a really clear day you can see Mt. Lemon from this fire tower!
Don't you just want to kiss Drakey?

We also stopped by this swimming hole that looked more like chocolate milk.
If a kid went under, he'd be lost. Forever.
Luckily the dads were willing to get in and swim with the kids.
Ryan, of course takes the chance to jump or swing off of anything!

Then while they were swimming, a sudden down pour sent them swimming for shore.
So we drove home wet and stinky, but had such a good weekend!
Thank you Drew and Amy!!

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Monica said...

How fun! I remember when I first moved to Utah and I was the only one walking around bundled up in winter clothes in 60 degree September. Bah haha