Thursday, August 11, 2011

last trip of the summer

We were lucky enough to get to go on a trip each month this summer.
When will that ever happen again?!

This last one we went up to Utah for a weekend with friends in Park City, and the excuse was that it was our anniversay. That's right. Eight years baby!!!

On our way up north we stopped in Flagstaff to go to the Cardinals training camp.
It was so nice, and they had fun games for the kids to play too.
Check out Gwen. She's trying out to be a wide receiver.
Almost! If she had her sapped up gloves on she would have had it! ;)
Next up was Drake.
He doesn't take defeat very well.
Then we continued our drive through the night up to Utah.
We drive through the night on most of our long trips because that way the kids sleep.
Because although my kids NEVER EVER fight or whine in the car, at least if you drive at night they have fewer potty breaks.

So the first day we took the kids, along with their much loved cousins, to BYU to douse them with goodies and build the BYU love.
Gwen rather inappropriately, dressed like one of Warren Jeffs' concubines.
And Drake got his Jimmer on.
The next day we kissed the babies good bye for the weekend and met up with our good ol' friends the Wevers. Seriously, we love Tod and Holly!
Also we love Molly and Darren for graciously taking Gwen and Drake for us. They had a good time.
We did as well, laying out by the pool (and getting BURNED - darn high altitude sun) and ordering double entrees at Taggart's Grill.
We also spent a day at the lake, but unfortunately, my killer wake boarding skills will have to go un-pictured. But I think it looked something like this...
Okay, maybe not.

We also hit up the alpine slides.
Way fun.
Oh, and happy anniversary to us.
Tod and Holly in all their glory.

We also had our friends Mark and Bonnie come out for the last night and day, and then also met up with our friends Jared and Holly2 for our last dinner. Too bad we didn't get a group shot. But at least we can look like dwarfs next to the Wevers.
Then we barely made it home for the kids to start school.
Also, you might think it is physically impossible to gain 5 pounds over one weekend. Well I guess my body just likes to be exceptional. Going to Ruth's Chris 2x doesn't help I'm sure.


Emily said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! Happy late anniversary! Can't believe it's been eight years already!

Tara T said...

Is that last pic at the Wevers house?!? That fireplace is HUGE! And the pics of Drake going in for the catch and then face down is awesome!! Fun times! Happy anniversary!

Tawnya said...

So jealous.

MediocreMama said...

Yes, that is our house. Our second home, if you will. Great for ski weekends and entertaining guests. Jeremy Ranch has been so good to us!

Miss the McPhies already.