Sunday, August 14, 2011

first day of school 2011

Getting the kids into school this year was quite an ordeal. I accidentally enrolled them at the wrong campus... after Ryan woke at the crack of dawn and waited in line for hours, and then found out they got in, only to find out later they're supposed to go to another campus - the one where all their friends go.
Well we wrote off all chances of a transfer this semester, but by some small miracle it happened! We got them in a week before school started.

They started 10 August.
Drake in all day kindergarden, and Gwen in second grade.

Doesn't my baby boy just seem too little to be in kindergarden?
It's so sad to realize that he's now on the path...that will last just about forever.
No going back to days of just us at home.
But at the same time, the freedom of the kids being at school has been unbelievably nice.
Cute Gwenny really misses the Montessori House, but also loves her new school. In fact she was so happy to already have three friends in her class.
And both of them were so excited to get to ride the bus home!
Look close and you can see Drakey in the bus.
They made it.

Next up, me.
I have one more week of freedom.


Emily said...

Glad the school thing worked out! Can't believe how big they're getting!!

Morgan said...

how awesome that their schools worked out last minute. seriously adorable kids, btw. this whole school thing is crazy. asher starts all day kindergarten on wednesday (and by all day, i mean 7:45 am -4pm!) and i am having all sorts of emotions about it. glad to know that i am not the only one that feels like my 5 year old is too little to be "on the path". it's truly bitter sweet.

Tara T said...

ha ha ha, I like Gwen's cat shirt! Reminds me of a shirt I wore on the first day of school in like 2nd or 3rd grade that was light pink with a glittery tiger on it. And I think I had one of those side circle things that you pull your shirt through

Monica said...

Oh my goodness. It's so hard, isn't it!! Bri will be starting FIRST GRADE in one week and I am totally freaking out! Who is going to walk her to the bathroom? No one! I HATE that. In her K class their bathroom was actually in their classroom. How will I ever let her go away to college?? They are so cute!