Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Remember that last post?
The one where Gwen lost her SECOND tooth!?
You know that was on a Sunday right?
So I sent Ryan out of the house Sunday evening to hunt down a store that had a silver dollar in their register. (tooth fairy at our house brings a sliver dollar)
He did, and came back victoriously with two.

Then we cleaned up, put on a movie in our room, and FELL ASLEEP.

Monday morning we woke up to an inconsolable Gwen.
Poor thing was just broken up because the tooth fairy forgot her.
I told her that maybe a lot of kids lost their teeth Sunday, and she was so busy she couldn't make it to our house, after all, she's not Santa.
Gwen knew that couldn't be right and then started to worry that maybe she was captured- you know someone thought she was breaking into their house.
Oh dear.

It was 15 minutes before the bus was supposed to be there, so I quickly told her about how the same thing happened to Ryan when he was a kid (it didn't) and the tooth fairy makes up for it by bringing double. That worked. She got dressed, let me fix her hair, and was out the door in time to stand around and wait for the bus for 15 minutes.

Thank heavens I remembered to be the tooth fairy last night!!
She woke up so happy to show me her TWO silver dollars.
Good thing Mr. McPhie found me two.

Also, today is his birthday.
I love you Ryan.
I'm so glad you were born! ;)


Heather said...

GREAT on the spot tooth fairy story! You're such a clever mom! :)

Tawnya said...

That'll learn you to fall asleep and forget about your daughter.

Monica said...

Drama in the AZ!!!!HAHA Glad it all worked out and you look super sexy in that pic girly! HOLLA ; )