Saturday, June 25, 2011

wooly braid

Running in the summer in Arizona is hard. More than that. It's down right miserable! At least for me. Running in the heat does something to me (pounding headache/puke) that can only be undone by a cool shower and a good nap, and on days like today, 2 Excedrin Migraine. This morning we set out at 5 am and 85º. The run was gorgeous (Paradise Valley) and I had good company. I also took precautions to make the run the best I could - good music, water, skittles, hat, etc. One thing I also have to do, is put my hair in a bun or a braid. This is to prevent my hair from getting totally knotted up from the constant side to side motion. Today it was the ponytail through the back of the hat and braided.

So this run got hot! Over 90º by time we finished, but the sun on me just KILLS me! I try to keep cool by squirting some of my rationed water over my head, and of course I run through every lawn I see with sprinklers going. At about mile 7 I was out of water, but saw a house with a coiled hose out front. I ran over, turned it on filled up my water bottles and took a full on shower in this front yard, just trying to cool my body off. Holy cow it felt good! So then I was drenched, and finished out my run.

Once we finished, my friend Chrissie asked me, "how did you fix your hair like that?" Like what? A braid? Easy. Until I felt it. The water logged hair and the side to side swishing did a number on my braid! It full on shrunk up! (what is my hair, wool?!) The braid was probably was at least three inches shorter than it started out, just fro'd out!

When I got home and took off my hat, I realized something really wierd about it. My hair segregated! All the dark hair puffed out on top of the braid, and all the bleached hair puffed out on the bottom part of the braid. How weird is that???
It took me almost twenty minutes and half a bottle of conditioner to comb through that hair.


Tara T said...

ha ha ha!!!! that sucks!! yeah, that braid is crazy looking!

Emily said...

I'm sure there are some people who would pay for hair like that! ha. I am such a wimp for doing anything terribly active when it's really hot; that's why San Diego is perfect. :)

Tawnya said...

Ha! I hope your friend asked you that in a skeptical, weirded-out sort of way and not in a wow-that-looks-cool sort of way.

Mighty Mighty Rudds said...

I don't think you could make running sound any more hellish if you tried! Thank you for making me feel okay about my "only do 30 minutes cause its the fastest way to get a workout" run...!

Morgan said...

that is awesome! i hate running in the heat too. it gets so humid in nyc, the air is so thick i feel like it makes my whole body heavy. i have been having to wake up super early too just so i can have a decent run. it's probably going to be 4:30 or 5 when i start my longer runs. ugh. oh well. it's worth it. i wish there were sprinklers to run through here.