Thursday, June 16, 2011

D has Bieber fever

A conversation with Drake on the way home from the gym:
D - Justin Bieber's a real boy.
K - Yep he is. But how do you know?
D - (In a "duh mom" tone) From the movie.
K - Oh ya.
D - Where does he live?
K - In Canada.
D - CANADA?!?!?!?! But that's far away!!
K - Yep, it is.
D - Can we go to his house?
K - No, we don't even know where he lives.
D - But you can call him.
K - No, I can't, I don't have his phone number.
D - (in his "I'm really getting frustrated with you" voice) Ughh! You can call every phone number and say, "is this Justin Beiber" and if they say no then call the next number!!
K - That would take WAYYY too long.
D - Does Justin Bieber have toys?
K - I'm sure he does.
D - I wonder what kind of toys. (And then he stares out the window, silently thinking about Justin Bieber and the kinds of toys he might have)


Heather said...

This is ridiculously cute! You should email it to Justin Beiber! :)

Monica said...

hahaha That is so funny. I love the way kids think. The other morning Bri woke up and said to me, "MOM, I just had a dream about Jutin Bieber!!!" LOL hilarious.

Tara T said...

this is an awesome conversation. you should ask D what he would do or say to Justin once he met him. ha ha