Thursday, June 09, 2011


Okay, so I have a lot to catch up on on the blog. Summer, swimming, vacation, etc. But here's what's on my mind right now:
That's right. Yurbuds. Last week while at the expo for the Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon, we saw the Yurbuds booth. I had heard about these earlier from an email, and the claim is that these ear buds will NOT fall out of your ears while running, or whatever it is that you might be doing. I was intrigued since I CAN NOT keep earbuds in my ears! They fall out for sure! I have to get the over the ear kind that will still work their way off my ears since my ears are basically just skin, no cartilage. (not really but they are so soft and floppy they can't support the over the ear kind for an extended period of time!) I've even resorted to taping earbuds in my ears with packing tape when I'm in a crunch. It works, but usually hairs get in the way, and when I remove the tape it's painful. :)
Okay, so back to the Yurbuds, I got the email, was super interested, but was skeptical since I've tried A LOT of earbud/headphones, and have had no success. That coupled with the fact that these aren't the cheapest out there (cost + shipping), I was too cheap to buy them.
Enter SD Marathon Expo.
I got to try them. It took them a while to try different sizes to fit my strange ear bud rejecting ears, but success!!!! We got some, and both wore them the next day at the marathon with no problems at all. No pain. No falling out of the ears. Just us and our tunes!!

If you have problems with ear buds while you run, you have to try these!
They have a money back guarantee.

And there you have it. My Yurbud testimonial!


Emily said...

That's awesome! It's even more awesome that you ran a marathon in San Diego. (sigh).

JacksonFamily said...

I'll definitely look into those. I have to wear the super old-school kind (like I wore with my "Walkman" in 1992).

Jasmyn said...

I want to check these out when I see you at track...My ears reject all ear buds too, so you have me intrigued!