Monday, July 04, 2011


My baby girl is 7! I don't know how I got so blessed to have such a good, sweet, girl like her. And I don't appreciate how fast she's growing. So Thursday night I made up her birthday cake and cupcakes for her party, then I kissed my six year old Gwenny goodbye forever, and went to bed remembering the night before her birth seven years ago. I didn't sleep that night. Contractions and excitement... I couldn't wait to hold my baby girl.
So now here we are, she's seven!!!

Ever since Yogurtland first got Red Velvet flavored yogurt, Gwen's been a bit obsessed. So I made her a red velvet birthday cake this year with cream cheese frosting. Decorating a cake with cream cheese frosting is so different from buttercream.
Breakfast in bed!! Also check out how sweet Drake's haircut is.

I love this picture, because Gwen is just beaming, and I look like such a dork!
Gwen had a bunch of friends come over for a waterslide in the back yard, water balloon toss/fight, and lunch. As we watched all the girls playing, I was so happy that Gwen has such good friends. They are all such sweet girls.
And later that night we went to Panda Express for dinner at Gwen's request. How funny huh? Ever since her school did a fund raiser with Panda Express, and she got to go down there and hand out fliers, and met some of the workers, Panda Express is her FAVORITE!! After that the family came over for cake, ice cream and more presents. Again, Gwen's blessed. She has good friends, and a great family. I'm so thankful for all of their love for her.
Then, Saturday night we went down town for the Mesa Freedom Festival.
The kids loved it! They had so much fun doing all the bounce houses and playing all of the carnival games. And while it was tons of fun, it's crazy how many people will go out there for it. At 8:30 at night, when we went, it was still 102ยบ! We went through a bunch of ice water and frozen lemonade, and never once did the kids complain about it being hot. I guess that's how I remember it when I was a kid. I didn't know any different, you just accept the heat because what else can you do?
Daddy and Drakey watching the fireworks.


Emily said...

Happy birthday Gwen!! I can't believe she's seven already(!) and that it was that hot at night! I hope our kids will finally get to hang out one of these years. PS love Gwen's curtains and your cake.

Tara T said...

cute cake! Happy birthday Gwenny Penny! That day sounded pretty dang busy for you!!