Saturday, July 30, 2011

...California tripping...

This is the story of a vacation. A spontaneous vacation. Because we wanted to not be a distraction to Ryan while he was studying for the bar, and the kids wanted to see their cousins, and I wanted to be able to run in cool weather. So I decided I'd take the kids up to NorCal to play while Ryan could be home studying in peace. But that'd mean he'd miss Drake's birthday. So luckily Grammy came up with a good plan. He could stay at her house in Sacramento, while the kids and I would stay with the Taylors in the bay area. Genius. Then he'd be close enough to come over for Drake's bday. Done. After a 12 hour drive that I might have fallen asleep while driving a few times before finally pulling over to sleep! DUMB!! I just can't drive like I used to... now that I'm three oh.

First day, Gwen and Aubrey with their running cards.
They get a punch for each lap ran. Aubrey completed her 5 mile mark, and Gwen ran two that day!
Berkley Rose Garden park.
That's a huge cement slide that you slide down on pieces of cardboard!
It was chilly.... in July!!
Jelly Belly Factory.
A must.
Stinson Beach.
Yep, that's sand drool.
The boys were on bird patrol.
Karate will take care of those pesky birds.
And sticks.
Meanwhile Gwen and Aubrey dug a whole.

Then the boys were able to celebrate their fifth birthday together.
Tara made Jack this sweet pirate cake.
Drake wanted an angry bird cake - until he saw how cool Jack's pirate ship cake was.
Tara put together a darling pirate party at the Jungle.

Then afterwards we went home and played Angry Birds. Real Angry Birds.

Drake and his ice cream birthday cake in Sac.
We had a good time.


Emily said...

So fun!! Glad it worked out that you could go. PS I can't drive as long/late as I used to either.

Jasmyn said...

Awesome, so much fun!!!
Why don't I have family in CA!!! Uggghhhhh!

Tara T said...

I just love it when you guys come out!! Can't wait for October now!!!! Woot Woot!!

JacksonFamily said...

I can't believe our kids are 5 already! I have been seriously bugging Shephard to move to California.

Tawnya said...

Fun fun! Wish we went.

Monica said...

I am SO jealous! I want to go to the beach!! I love the beach. : )