Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Super Starr!!

Yesterday was one of those days where being a mom was totally rewarded! All the times Gwen's yelled at me, or told me she didn't like my dinner, or gave me pictures she drew of me that had big X's through me, I forgot them all (until now). Seriously, I was so proud of my Gwenny my cheeks were sore from grinning for 30 minutes straight! This semester she participated in a Miss Jenee's singing group, That's Entertainment. She's looked forward to Mondays with Miss Jenee and I love picking her up and having her singing in the car all the way home.
Gwen and Miss Jenee, you might recognize her from the Express flooring commercials! ;)
Gwen was so into the music and the movements that went with it.

Okay, I had the video camera and don't know how to get stuff from that to the computer, so here's a fragment of Fame from Ryan recorded with the regular camera:


Taylors said...

oh my goodness, she is so freakin cute! And she's so old!!! She is totally a mini you, Kristin. And I can totally see her as a little cheerleader

Heather said...

That little video was adorable!! Thanks for sharing. She is such a star!

Emily said...

Gwen's totally the star! So cute!!

Ryan said...

That girl rules! She is definitely her Kristin's lil' girl.

Tawnya said...

What a little ham! And yeah, she's definitely your little girl!