Thursday, May 06, 2010

better than my birthday!

Gwen came home from school today with this. (And it was glued to a beautifully decorated piece of cardstock, but I had to take it off to scan)Allow me to translate:
Gwenyth Starr
What is your mother's name? Kristin
How old is she? 23 (thank you Gwen!)
How tall is she? 2 (does that mean I'm too tall?)
How much does she weigh? 21
What color is her hair? blak
What does she do around the house? kleen
What is her favorite thing to eat? cookee
Where does she like to go? to bed (ouch!)
What does she like to cook? cookee
What is her favorite color? yelo (she's right!)
My mother is good at: taceen uf the cat [taking care of the cat]
She likes it when: i cleen the hwos [house]
My mother is great because: shee luvz mee

Made me cry. Thanks Gwenny, I'm so glad I'm your mom!!


Emily said...

So sweet!!

Taylors said...

he he he, so cute!! I'm amazed she spelled your name right! Most adults cant even do that! :)

Ryan said...

That's a cute Gwenny. I loved the Mother's day card she made for Barb. Sweet heart.

Heather said...


Tuffy Mcqueen said...

That was amazing!