Saturday, May 08, 2010

Drake's at it too

Yesterday Drake brought this home from school:Obviously one of the teachers interviewed him and filled it out. But this is the first time I've seen his name written by him! Every time I try to get him to write it, he won't. I'm sure he had help, but so cute! So this is what he answered:

My mom's favorite place to go is: At the pirate ship
My mom's favorite thing to eat is: Chicken and rice (maybe because that's what we had for dinner the night before)
My mom always says: Go to school (yes!)
My mom is happy when I: Clean up my room
My mom is not happy when I: Yell at her (no kidding)
My mom loves me: Because I'm cool (love that one!)
I love my mom because: She helps me (awww how sweet)

Love my babies! Love being a mom!


Taylors said...

ha! because I'm cool....thats freakin awesome. Thats cute. And he can write his name!?!?! Wow!

Rushele said...

So cute!!! Little ones are too fun!
Good job on the triathalon too!! I wouldn't even have attempted it with an injury like that, but you're a trooper!