Saturday, May 08, 2010


I was sooo excited for this triathlon! I was planning on taking ten off my time last year (5 min off each bike and run). I'd been busy running getting ready for the marathon, so my swim and biking fell by the wayside but I figured I'd hit those hard after the marathon since I was sure I'd be tired of running. Didn't plan on an injury. So I didn't do much until this last week. But at this point wasn't sure I'd even do the tri. But try I did! I felt good swimming and cycling, but didn't know if I'd just stop after the bike, or try to walk the run. I figured I'd play it by ear.
My transitions were funny. I'd be limping along and I could hear people "oohing", thinking I must have just hurt myself. Nope. Just dumb and couldn't not do the tri despite injury. My only goal was to beat my bike time. And I did!!! By only a minute.
I figured I'd walk the run so I could at least finish. But after seeing women in their 40's, 50's, and even worse in my own age group passing me I figured I'd give it my best effort to hobble through the run. It was nice, kind of like a cool down.
I did try to pick it up to go through the finish! But if you'll notice the blur of the racer in front of me, you can see how slow I was.
So I'm letting it go that my times on every other part of it were slower and am just happy to have finished.

The McPhie triathlete moms!
And some lady Lightning Bolts. Thanks for cheering us on!!


Taylors said...

those are some teeny shorts you got there!! :) So was it so bad with out a wet suit? And that first pic of you, I thought your sunglasses were some weird kind of swimming goggles...ha! Good job finishing!!!!! Now convince Ryan of getting you a motorized cart for the next couple of weeks so you can stay off your foot!

Emily said...

Kristin you're awesome! Don't hurt yourself too badly.

Kristin said...

You bet your cookies they were short shorts! I swam in them, so considered them part of my swim suit. ;)