Sunday, August 16, 2009

you're the birthday, you're the birthday, you're the birthday boy or girl!

Confused? That was from the Simpsons when they go to some place like Chuckee Cheese for Bart's birthday, and the robotic animals sing that song. Pretty funny... ahhhhhh welp, here's my birthday boy!

And for Ryan's 32nd, here are 32 reasons why I love him oh so dearly:
1. your hot (I can't help it, I'm shallow. But I promise that's not the number one reason... even though here it is listed as number one)
2. when I asked you to grow a mustache, you did!
3. you're super smart
4. you are such a good daddy!
5. you help me do the dishes
6. you alway compliment my cooking (and have gotten the kids to as well)
7. you get me a card for every occasion
8. then you write really sweet things in that card
9. you proposed without knowing what I'd say!!
10. you're good with babies (not just ours)
11. when I get to have a girls night, I come home to a clean house!!
12. you work so hard in school
13. you have a perfect forehead ;)
14. you sing
15. you'll wear shorts I've patched up
16. you've got great style
17. you put in the dining room floor
18. you're ambitious
19. you have a strong testimony
20. you play the guitar
21. darth vador :) shhh!
22. you can quote any movie, even if you've only seen it once
23. you're super competitive (we make a lethal team!)
24. you always open the car door for me
25. you make me laugh till I pe... uh nevermind
26. you like good music
27. you love sports and know a lot about sports trivia
28. you like to go camping
29. you've given me great in-laws (I know you can't help this one, but you can't help having a perfect forehead either)
30. you'll go watch chick flicks with me
31. you are always looking for the good in other people
32. you're so outgoing

Well, there you have it. Ryan, I love you!! Happy birthday honey!


Taylors said...

he's a keeper! hope he had a good one!

Jasmyn said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! We love your forehead too:)

Jeppesen Family said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Ryan!

Emily said...

Awww! Awesome- especially #11!

Rushele said...

Is there something behind the perfect forehead thing?
I'd have to say that based on your list alone, you've definitely picked a winner!!!
Hope he enjoyed his birthday!!!
(Same age as my hubby, his b-day is next month)

Tawnya said...

Happy b-day! One year older and wiser too.

Ryan said...

Thanks all. What a sweet wife I have. Thanks, baby.