Monday, August 31, 2009


It's not everyday that I'm so productive, so that's why I get to brag today.

First I was brousing Marshalls for a swim suit. Apparently they're all gone, but I did find a super cute skirt on clearance for 3$. Too bad it was a size 12. I bought it anyways, sat down to my sewing machine and made this super cute skirt a size Kristin.
Then I finally made over this frame. I'm sorry I didn't take a before picture, and I know this color frame doesn't stand out on this wall. But at least it's put together. I'm thinking I will repaint it though to make it pop on the wall. But I love the way the mat turned out.
Then we had leftover pumpkin from our roll last night, and so we made pumpkin bread. But this is not everday pumpkin bread. It's Orange Pumpkin Bread! And in this, you grind up an ENTIRE orange! I was super excited to get to use my new Vita Mix that I'd been saving all my dimes for. It was beautiful!! The vita mix whipped up that orange like it was nothing! The kids loved watching an entire orange get pulvarized into a smooth creamy batter. So this recipe is de-lish. It's what my neighbors are going to get for Christmas. Oh, but I left out the raisins to make it yummy, because we all know that raisins are gisgusting as Gwen would say. (She actually likes raisins though. The nerve!)

Then, we had a fantastic FHE where we started building our popsicle stick haunted house. Again, Gwen is so stoked for fall that we are baking pumpkin items and building halloween crafts. Here they are working hard and enjoying our orange pumpkin bread.

And here is just a sweet picture Gwen took of Drake today. Look how beat up he is!


Tawnya said...

How dare you be productive without me! Cute mat.

Taylors said...

of course drake's nose is bloody. jack is getting into the stage of always having his finger in there too. that is a super cute skirt. and what a deal! did you mod podge the mat?

Desi said...

You are so creative! I'm jealous. And we're dying for fall too. I just want to be able to wear a pair of jeans (be they maternity) once in a while! Don't tell anyone, but I kind of miss the relief of Oregon summers!

JacksonFamily said...

I just saw an infomercial on the VitaMix and I am convinced I must have one!

Rushele said...

Again I have to ask, Why are you so talented and crafty?
You are always doing such cute and fun things with your kids/family.
One day I'll go hiking like you do too.

Jasmyn said...

Can you come shopping with me and fix things to be a size Jasmyn??? After, the pregnancy, that is! That skirt is sooooo cute!

p.s. I just giggled a little because my word verification is "humps" :)

Bingham Family said...

super mom! I want a vita mix... the guy at costco made us baby food, 2 kinds of ice cream and mexican tortilla soup in one setting. I am sold and need to save my money and splurge! Post the recipe... I want to eat that right now. Cute skirt Too!