Thursday, August 27, 2009

preschool time baby!!

Drake started preschool today at the Montessori House (where Gwen is also going to school). He has been so excited for this day, and it was so hard on him that preschool started three weeks after K-6 started. So here's our little cheezeball's first day of school picture.

My little brainiacs ready to go learn!
My favorite thing was picking them up after school and seeing them sitting on the bench waiting with Gwen's arm wrapped around Drake. She has been so excited to teach him everything!
And about five minutes after school this is what Drake looked like. He had a good first day.

It was weird for me to not have my little buddy with me all day. I almost had a panic attack leaving the gym this morning and thinking "oh my goodness, I forgot Drake!!!!" only to remember he was at school.


Mark & Stephanie Humpherys said...

How cute!! Isn't crazy how fast they grow up..Time just flies!!

Underwood Family said...

OMG Good times are here. I can't wait to be able to work out a the gym during the day. (I get up at 5:30 am now). Drake is a growing up boy!

Jasmyn said...

How exciting! Yay for some alone time two days a week. What a big boy Drake is now!

Desi said...

How cute. I loved being a big sister, but Levi and I never got to go to the same school. They're lucky kids! And I love that he's racked out afterwards! THANK YOU preschool!

Taylors said...

ugh, SO jealous!! how awesome would that have been to have Jack and Drake going to preschool together?! Thats a sweet pic of him standing on the pole platform! and l like gwens high socks ;)