Saturday, August 22, 2009


This morning we put on our tennies and loaded the kids up to go for a hike.

Gwen LOVED the camelback back pack and could not stop asking for a drink.
She was well hydrated for sure!
The hike starts out as gradual stairs. Really easy.

Then after the first little summit things get a bit tougher.
But the views are awesome!
click on this picture to see downtown Phoenix in the back ground, and Drake's sweet face!
Turns out Gwen is a little hiking machine and wanted to keep going. That meant Drake had to ride on Daddy's shoulders up these steep slick parts. Luckily for Drake, Ryan is as sure footed as a mountain goat! ;)

We had a lot of fun and luckily the kids had a good time too. Gwen kept saying she's going to be a hiker when she grows up, and if you fall down it's okay, you just get up and keep going. What a tuff girl!


Taylors said...

awesome, the kids look hot (temperature) but cool at the same time. ;)

Mark & Stephanie Humpherys said...

Soo cute Kristen..You definity do not look like a mom of two...your a HOT mama...Cute family pic of you guys..

Tawnya said...

Did Drake lose the helmet halfway up? And what possessed you to hike during the summer!??

Desi said...

Yeah, you're brave! Your kids look so cute! I'm always scared to do things like that, but all you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other. And you look super hot too!