Thursday, February 26, 2009

just in time for spring cleaning

Because spring is already full blown here in the AZ.  In fact most trees have already blossomed and the blossoms are gone now.  So if you're enjoying the 78 degree days with the windows open, cleaning everything out, here's a recipe for an all purpose cleaner that's easy on the budget.  
(this is what we use in the temple, and if it's good enough for the temple, it's good enough for my house!)

Miracle Mix:
13 1/2 C water
2 C Rubbing alcohol
1/3 C Dawn (just the regular dish soap)
1/3 C Ammonia
Stir to combine, and you'll have about a gallon of cleaner.  Pour in a spray bottle and get to work!


Desi said...

Look how cute you are! Spring time is for going to the park silly, not for cleaning! I MISS YOU!

Rushele said...

I'll have to try that out! Thanks!!

Photography By Jo said...

wow I'll have to try that sometime. :)