Sunday, February 08, 2009

I guess we're d-backs fans

They were having their annual fan day, so we took the kids down to Chase Park (I still think of it as BOB) and let the kids play, or more like wait in line to play on all the fun bouncing things there. 
Ryan just has this funny love for ball park stadiums, so he was excited just being down on the field.  It reminded me of in FeverPitch (funny movie) where Drew Barrymore jumps down on the field and runs across during a game and is getting chased and runs to Jimmy Fallon, and the first thing he says is "how's the grass in the outfield, soft and spongy?" or something like that.  Okay, I did a bad job recreating it, so just go rent the movie.
I tell the kids to say cheese, so Gwen throws up the jazz hands, and Drake pulls up his shirt.  I guess if you got it flaunt it huh?
And this was just too funny not to be posted.  I came down stairs and heard Drake making motorcycle sounds like vroooommmmm, so I walk over to see that he's wedged the motorcycles between cushions so that he could get on and straddle these little motorcycles like he's really riding them.  Has his hands on the handle bars and everything!  And who doesn't love riding a motorcycle with out pants on?


Tawnya said...

Boy, I'm glad you explained that last picture. It looks a little funny. hahahahaha

Jeppesen Family said...

So cute! Your kids are funny :) That last pic is hilarious

Rushele said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute! I love the jazz hands and belly pose!! Sounds like something Raegan might do.
What a fun day to spend out at the ballpark hanging out!!
And I'd have to agree that riding a mini motorcylce without pants is the only way to go!