Monday, February 23, 2009

blissful monday

Seriously, today was so much fun just hanging out with my babies. We had so much fun running errands, eating breadsticks at Target, washing the car...ourselves!!, making cookies and dinner, and laughing our guts out.
Among the things I learned from Gwen today, was that she has a new friend at school who has the same valentine shoes that Gwen has. So they planned to both wear their valentine shoes and pink shirts and blue pants on Wednesday so they can match. Do you remember doing that!? So funny. I remember I would frequently call my best friend ,Julie Kenney, before school and plan what we could wear to match that day. So I asked Gwen who her friend was, and Gwen said she doesn't know. Apparently just wearing matching clothes is more important than remembering her friend's name.
This evening Gwen was watching Extra with me, and when Mario Lopez came on, Gwen excitedly asked me, "is that Shane?!?!"

Maybe, if Mario lost the dimples, muscles and std's. ;)


Kaylani said...

that's really cute. I totally did that with Julie palmer! Raegan always talks about her 'best friends' but can never remember their names either. She's getting better though.

Jonathan and Sarah said...

She is so cute! You know there kind of is a resemblance...

Rushele said...

That is hilarious!!! I love that he'd have to not only lose the dimples and muscles, but STD's also in order to be like your bro. Gwen is a cutie!
And at 4 yrs. old she's already wearing matching clothes with her friends at school, that's fun! I really don't think I started that young. I think it's even better that she doesn't even know her friend's name.