Friday, February 13, 2009

goonie valentine

Today I had an appointment at the MAC counter to get some make up.  I picked up my own valentine's day gift.  Ryan's finding out with you.  Thanks Ryan!  (oh it's too late?  you already got me a gift?  oh how sweet!)  I also had Drake as my play buddy while Gwen was in preschool.  Well let me tell you that Drake won the hearts of all the ladies working there!  While I was getting my make up put on Drake was dancing around singing, "goody stuff, goody stuff, for me.  I yI yI yI YI".  We were all laughing at Drake's singing and dancing.  He even took off his shirt!  (he knows how to get the ladies)  Well it wasn't until the ride home and he was still singing that I realized that he was singing this:

Drake's a Cyndi Lauper fan!  He's just so silly I love it!!!!

Love to you all this Valentine's day!!


Jasmyn said...

I have never even heard that song before... you must have a good ear. I am guessing his rendition was better than hers too!:)

Rushele said...

He's got good taste in music!!
What an adorable little crowd pleaser!
Have a Happy Valentine's day!!

Ryan said...

How thoughtful of me. That is probably one of my best V-day gifts yet! Glad you enjoyed it.