Monday, April 28, 2008

where does she get it?

Seriously, Gwen is awesome! She's in this stage where she likes to be my little shadow. And it is so fun, whenever I'm in the kitchen making anything, she wants to help. Probably just so she can lick the beater, but I promise she actually tries to learn how to do the stuff. I think that because she said "did your mommy teach you how to make__________?" And when I say yes, she seems more focused.
Part of her being my shadow, is that she follows me, EVERYWHERE! The other day, I went into the bathroom, and as I was sitting down, the door opens and Gwen's right there. I said, "Gwen remember what we talked about?" "To give privacy when people are in the bathroom." "Okay Gwenny give me my privacy." "Okay mommy, I'll just watch you with one eye then." And she proceeded to shut the door almost all the way except for her one little eye watching me go pee.
Oh, it was so funny I had no problem with stage fright. (That's my solution to peeing in a public bathroom, and you get stage fright. I laugh to myself silently and it's like turning on a faucet) (tmi?)

this is Gwen "walking like mommy"


Taylor Family said...

Gwen spies with her little eye...a john on the john!!!! lol Gwen is so awesome!

Zac and Catherine Griffith Fam said...

It sounds a lot like Isabelle! I love the crazy girls! She is so grown up I can't believe it!

Chelsea said...

LOL that video is so cute. and i know what you mean about the stage fright in a public bathroom. like if you enter the bathroom with someone and there are only two stalls and you have to take stalls next to each other. then it's like this awkward moment where you stop talking and you're wondering who is going to start peeing first.

Luke said...

I LOVE IT! What a dollie! You are quite the sexy walker... YES, those are the LakeRidge condos! We lived there too! What a small world and when I was there we definately had a Krispy Kreme close by... didnt you see my huge belly?! :)

Luke said...

PS- This is Melissa, not Luke. Sorry!

Bowman Family said...

I will just watch you with one eye? I think she and Rachel have had too much time together. hahaha It's the age. Enjoy it because she will think she is a teenager soon and will act like you don't know anything. :-(

She sure is cute... I will miss taking her to preschool.