Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gwenny's new obsession....

Ever since Easter time, my little girl talks about death all the time! She randomly will say things like "I don't want to die mommy". To which what else can you say other than, "well sweetie, everybody dies, but you won't for a long time, until you're old like Grandpa was. And then it won't be scary, because you'll be with the people you love!"
But it goes beyond that. The other night, I was asking her where she wanted to go, and I'm thinking something like GG's house or the ice cream store. And she said to see where Jesus died on the cross. Okay, that's kind cool, we'll go there one day when Ryan's done with school, many many years from now. And then later that night I was talking to her, and she says,
"I don't like some people."
"Oh really? Who don't you like?"
"People who killed people"
"Yah, they're not too nice. We don't like people who kill other people"
"But they didn't killed us, huh mommy?"
"They're not going to come in our house and killed us huh?"
"No, we'll make sure our doors are locked and ask Heavenly Father to protect us right?"
"Yah, I don't like people who come into other peoples houses to killed them. I don't want them to do that to us mommy."
Where in the world did that come from? We haven't even watched Court TV in years!? The only thing I can think of is maybe she heard a story on the news or something like that. All I know is that Gwen likes to talk about people and animals who have died, and tells me she doesn't want to.



Desi said...

So Lincoln, my 4 yr old nephew is also obsessed with death, and expecially the twins brothers that my sister lost at 16 wks. So, he drew a picture of the family including them, and the dog and the guinea pig, and asked Jacqui to give it to the next person who dies so they can take it to the twins. So funny. They floated it to heaven on a balloon instead. Much more efficient. I love you!

Kaylani said...

that is really random. it's funny how some things just stick into their brains and some things don't! like being obedient, helping mommy, keeping your room clean (it's been a rough week around here, I want the ice cream store :)

whitney said...

wow. can't wait until one of mine hits that stage... :) poor thing. i hope she doesn't have nightmares from thinking about "people who kill other people."

carie said...

Gwen the Goth obsessed with death.

Taylor Family said...

That crazy Gwen. I hope you guys move out here so I will be able to see her more often.