Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Something I forgot to mention by that cute picture of Drake waving goodbye to everyone in Sacramento...he was a little hellion on the flight home!!! For the last twenty minutes, he screamed his head off because he couldn't walk the aisle, or watch the DVD player. So I had to hold his arms with one hand, cover his mouth to muffle screams with the other, and pin his kicking legs between mine. Aweful!!!
Well, yesterday when my mom went to work, her supervisor asked if her daughter flew into the airport last night. Yes. From Sacramento? Yes. Oh, he and his wife were on our flight, and noticed me because they wanted to see who the mother was of the out of control, screaming boy!
Talk about embarassing!!!!


Taylor Family said...

oh, that sucks. guess next time you need to drug your kids up good.

Anonymous said...
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momma 2 b said...

oh no, that scares me for mine