Friday, April 18, 2008

from jasmyn...

What I was doing 10 years ago:

I was a junior in HS getting ready for my first prom and working as an executive assistant at Agate.

5 things on today's TO DO list:

*hopefully get a pedicure
*get some more tootsie rolls
*love my babies
*plan a menu for next week
*have a slumber party w/ my old roomies!!

5 snacks I enjoy:

*fresh fruit like WATERMELON, strawberries, gala apples and almost all yellow bananas
*candy (wild berry skittles, redvines, redhots, tootsie rolls)
*beef jerky
*salty crunchies (baked lays, pretzels, wheat thins)

5 things I'd do if I was a billionaire:

*travel the world
*donate money to church, hungry countries, and states to build more prisons
*buy a compound in Hawaii and build houses for all our family members
*go to culinary school
*get a pedicure EVERYDAY!

5 bad habits: (these are hard to admit)

*picking split ends
*eating too much candy
*using my fingers to eat
*saving my gum on the back of my hand

5 places I've lived:

*Mesa, AZ
*Provo, UT
*Grand Prairie, TX
*South Plainfield, NJ
*Kansas City, KS

5 jobs I've had:

*claims adjuster-Progressive
*"Management trainee"-Enterprise
*making everything-Hogi Yogi (this was quite possible the funnest job I've ever had!)
*juice maker-Jamba Juice (in the Wilk. at BYU and this is probably the worst job I've ever had)
*Executive Assistant-Agate, Arrow, and Salt River Sand & Rock

now I tag Dezi, Lindsey and Carrie<3


Anonymous said...

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Melissa said...

Hey there beauty queen! I loved this post... you and I could be detrimental to eachother with all of the candy we consume!!! I think that Dezi is out there visiting= FUN! I hope you guys move up this way!!!

Jennifer said...

Kristin, this post IS quite likeable!

carie said...

I might have done your tag, but you see, you spelled my name wrong, so really, I have no idea if you meant me or not. Too bad, so sad...

Kristin said...

carie, you're so silly. But my bad!!! I'm changing it on my link list right now!

Lindsey said...

Love that Hogi Yogi was your fave job! Fun, I will do this later today. Thanks for tagging me:)

Zac and Catherine Griffith Fam said...

Big ups to South Plainfield, NJ!!! I just have to say that I was browsing through Kassidi's comments and came across something you wrote about love handles. Can I just say what crack are you smoking and where can I get some? Do you even know what that expression means? You are BITE SIZE!! I miss you we need to get together!