Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy <3 day!

Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you have a huge place in my heart, so... Happy Valentine's Day to everybody! I'm so sad that I'm here in Florida and didn't get to see my kiddies open their presents this morning. I do feel pretty smooth that I had v-day presents for Ryan and the kids wrapped and hidden and this morning I called and told Ryan to look in my closet to find everybody's presents. SURPRISE!!:) But being here, I didn't get to help Gwen make her valentines for her preschool. :( Oh well, tomorrow I come home and my handsome hubby is taking me out to celebrate! I can't wait.
Speaking of hearts, mine is broken today because cute little Josiah was cut from American Idol last night. I thought he was AMAZING and I hope he gets picked up by some sweet label and is huge and then he can say "in your face Simon!"


Kaylani said...

Way to be on top of it all, Kristin! You totally win the "Super-Mom and Wife" award! I'm totally impressed that you thought that far in advance and pulled it off! Good worker!

Desi said...

That's why you have a bachelor's in being a mom! And you just loved Josiah because of his name! Ha ha. I Love you, and i'm going to start a rally for you moving to sac town. It will be me, your sister, and ryan's mom. For now!

JacksonFamily said...

I vote no on sac town! It would make it harder for me to stalk you.

emily said...

Happy Valentine's day!!!

I saw Tawnya and Kolby on the new today! They looked great, what a surprise!!

Hope we get to see you soon, you've been gone so long. We love you guys!!

shalene and dallas said...

You have such a great guy! Those flowers are beautiful but what tops it off is the recording, what a cute idea and what makes it especially top notch is the fact that Ryan came up with it.