Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So I'm finally home from my two weeks in Florida.  I am so happy and relieved to be home!  Although we did have a lot of fun, you just can't beat sleeping in your own bed, and I so missed my cuddles from my sweet babies!  
Ryan brought the kids to the airport with him to pick me up, and it was so cute,  Gwen was just a nonstop chatter box and had to hold my hand the whole time.  And Drake has learned so many new words while I was gone.  And he has three new molars!  

Florida gators.  It was strange how there really were swamps all over there.  But the only alligators we saw while we were there were the ones at Busch Gardens behind a wall.
How do you look at this animal and think "I want to make shoes out of this skin"?!

This was just some peacock that was walking around Busch Gardens mingling with the people.  I knew Gwenny would love it so I had to take a quick picture.
One of the best parts of being there was getting to know everyone in our group.  I mean we really were together all day everyday from breakfast to bed time.  I wish I got more pictures of some of the friends I made out there because I really had the chance to meet some of the sweetest people ever!  This is Jessica, Casey and I on Honeymoon beach. 

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