Wednesday, May 30, 2007

fun blog game

I found this blog game I thought I'd try, and it came out pretty darn funny! Here's how you play. You google your name with needs after it. So I googled "Kristin needs" and this is what I came up with. And I'm deadly serious about the last one, that really came up! ;)
1. Kristin needs to move
2. Kristin needs to re-think the top (maybe she should take a look at safari chic examples)
3. Kristin needs sleep
4. Kristin needs to write this English paper
5. Kristin needs food
6. Kristin needs to wash her socks because she will need them on Sunday morning
7. Kristin needs to add chlorine to the hot tub
8. Kristin needs to stir it up
9. Kristin needs a family who can provide for her
10. Kristin needs more bastardly love!!!!


Jennifer said...

Wow. That's great. I did this once a while ago, but I think there must be a lot of porn-stars with the name of Jennifer, because the stuff I got mostly included adjectives like "hot" and "wet"...

You're welcome for the information. :)

McPhie Family said...

ewwww. that's hilarious!

ben and whitney shafer family said...

that's funny. i just did it with my name and came up with all these whitney houston articles. it's pretty funny. i'll post it on my blog tomorrow. :)

Layton Clan said...

Okay, hilarious, especially the last one.

Blake & Alli said...

so this has nothing to do with your blog (i think i will be doing it in a few min.), but when we went over the border they didn't ask to see one piece of id! we were all prepared with our passports in hand and not even one single glance. i think they must have thought you guys were babytakers! you look like the type. i'm goig to alert the media!

McPhie Family said...

that or they thought I was an illeagal. which i do get often. people just come up to me and start speaking spanish.

Jennifer said...

Haaaa That's terrific. As if you look Mexican. That is funny. Funny funny funny.