Friday, March 09, 2007

Sweet Gwen and Drake

Drake is so stinkin' cute! He's been fussy and snotty for the last three days, and even though all signs point to teeth, I don't see anything even getting close to the surface in there. But even though I know he's not feeling well, I can tell he's still trying to be his sweet self. I just love how you can see his hair is finally coming in in this picture.
Gwen is our little morning sunshine! She likes to take the books from her room and stack them on top of each other to make "stairs" up onto our bed. Then she climbs up on to the bed and likes to roll around in our sheets and cuddle with us and Drake. I love our cuddly, family in bed mornings!


Layton Clan said...

Adorable. Cute babies K. Drake looks a lot like Ryan in that picture, and Gwen is a super model! How fun.

Taylor Family said...

Drake really does look like a little boy (not baby) in that picture. He is so cute!