Sunday, March 25, 2007

Miss Independent

I can't think of a better way to describe Gwen's stage right now than "Miss Independent"!!
She's just a riot, everything she has to do by herself.
Her common phrases are "No, I do it!", and
"I do it myself" / "I did it myself!"
But today I just had to laugh when she came to me in the kitchen and says,
"mom, I put my shirt on, and I put my pants on,
and I put my seat belt on,
and I got water in my cup all by myself! BONES!"
And then she stuck out her fist for me to pound it,
and she blew it up after wards!!!!! It was so funny!
It's crazy how much this little one picks up just from watching others!

Now Gwen loves to do "bones". It's how she says good job!


The Adams Family said...

Ok, that's hilarious. What a fun age she's at!

Tawnya said...

i love the action shots. Gwen rocks the HOUSE!!! (when she's in a good mood)

JacksonFamily said...

That's so cute- our family calls it "knucks" or "knuckles"