Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Crazy Gwennybum!

My Gwenny is such a silly girl! If she's been quiet, I can usually find her at the top of the stairs, quietly playing, with the laundry basket turned on top of her! Sometimes she brings her princesses in with her for company, but other times she's just playing kitty. I can promise you though, we don't keep the kitty locked up under the laundry basket. This morning, after my shower, I came out to find her under the laundry basket, and she somehow got one of her blankets to cover the laundry basket and was inside asleep. Kind of like a caged bird-you cover it with a blanket, and it goes to sleep. Drake has fun just watching his sister being silly.


Taylor Family said...

I love how Gwen has all of her princesses lined up on the tub. he he he

Tawnya said...

Do her hair like that for church!!!!!!!