Friday, September 27, 2013

sewing room

The third car garage of our house had been converted into a work room of sorts by the previous owners.  We thought it was a meth lab.  It had special ventilation, all sorts of pipes and computer-monitored mixing systems, and water filter systems, plus it smelled really weird.  I'm sure it was all the Breaking Bad watching we had been doing, but we worried it was a meth lab.  Turns out it was a dark room.  The previous owner was a photographer.  Oh.

Anyway, the "meth lab" became our dumping room.  It held all the boxes and things we didn't want to deal with when we moved in.  It was nasty.  

Fast forward to school being over, me being 8.5 months pregnant, and I wanted to start sewing.  I love to sew!  My poor sewing machine had been packed away forever, and I was ready to get it out.  Babies were coming, and I needed to get creating!  The only problem was, was I needed a space to do it.  Enter nasty meth lab.  

I wish I got a true before with all the boxes and junk still in this little room. 
 But let me tell you, this room was DIRTY!  The matte black walls were just covered in dust of some sort.  
 So these pictures are after I've already cleared out the room and started painting those lower cabinets.  I promise, it already looks 58x better.  

And after:
 I still need to get a real table to sew on since this card table shakes every time I start up my machine, but hey, it's a surface!  
Bernina love!
 And I want to paint the floor...
 and still need to take care of the lower wall area, but I can sew!!

I made these shoes and onesies for Tara's baby.
 And these gender neutralish wannabe Vans for our baby.  
I love my meth lab-turned sewing room!


Emily said...

Meth lab hahaha. Yay for your sewing space! My bernina is on a tiny but sturdy fold up table from staples. I'm still saving for a serger or a new lens. My priorities shift a lot- not that I have enough money for either. Love the bitty shoes.

Tara T said...

Good work Kristin! Cant wait to see what sewing projects you will do now that you arent in school!!
And of course, I love the onsie's and little bitty shoes :)

MediocreMama said...

Looks good Mama! Sew me something cute then bake me a cake.