Monday, September 23, 2013

men love power tools

This is a sad story.
We have a huge tree in the front yard, and I LOVE it!
It is one of the reasons I really loved this house when we were looking for houses.
But the HOA apparently doesn't love it.
Because it hangs over the road.
Give me a break!

So we got some tree trimming quotes.
Seriously!?  To trim a tree?!!?
So Ryan set out to do it himself.  He shimmied up the tree, tied him and the chainsaw to a branch, and tried to cut off some branches.  
But it was hot, and he was really high, and next thing I know, he almost passes out.
willow before
 So instead of passing out and falling out of a tree, Ryan got a bucket truck.
Exhibit A: Ryan in bucket truck
 This handy bucket truck Ryan could control from the bucket and raise himself to wherever he needed to be to cut the poor tree limbs.  
Exhibit B: Ryan about to cut tree limb
 Ryan was out there for 5 hours cutting this thing!
Because once he got the limbs down, he needed to cut and pile those so the city pick-up would come and get the branches.
 Oh, and I was in the house, doing my Saturday chores, and Ryan kept having me come outside to see what I thought about what branch to cut, bring him water, etc.  The funny thing is, is I was wearing this:
for your viewing pleasure
 You see, I have some pretty funny girlfriends who gave me a birthing baby gift.  It included  things like stool softeners, hemorrhoid cream, nipple cream, etc.; and this lovely little number.  They may have thought this gorgeous pink cherry nightgown was a joke, but once I tried it on, it was no joke!  I was wearing it all day on the tree trimming day.  So each time I went outside to observe/help Ryan, at least one neighbor would catch  me in this.  
Fortunately my neighbors are awesome, and they'd say it was cute (lie), or say "you're 9 months pregnant, wear whatever you want!" (truth).  
I love this nightgown.

And that's the story about how Ryan appeased the HOA, and saved us $500, and I gave my neighbors something to laugh about.  
Willow after.
Ryan rules.


Tawnya said...

HAHaHAHA I'm totally laughing at you in that nightgown!

Tara T said...

Funny how Ryan wont install a ceiling fan, but will climb up a huge tree and try to saw it down! Ha ha ha! Oh boys...

Sam said...

I am cracking up at your nightgown!

MediocreMama said...

Ryan really does rule. Nightgown rocks my world. We need to come visit.

Jonathan Carol said...

I'd agree that's pretty steep for a tree trimming, but I've never expected a DIY of this magnitude. But it looks like Ryan was up to it and must have known people to call in case of a bucket truck emergency. It seems you had a good time though, with all of that multi-tasking; that is, cleaning up the tree, doing the chores, and making your neighbors chuckle.
Jonathan Carol @