Monday, September 16, 2013

babies are coming... 37 weeks

My sister, Tara, and I had our boys on the same day 7 years ago.  Since then, she had two more, and we thought our baby years were behind us.  So it was a super surprise when we found out that we were pregnant together again, our estimated due dates only three days apart!

She's having a girl, we're having a surprise!  I wanted to be surprised with Gwen and Drake, but Ryan wanted to know, so I agreed.  This time, I'm taking the reigns.  This might be our last baby, so why not do it the way I want to?  Luckily, Ryan eventually got on board and is down for a surprise.

Anyhow, Tara needed a last trip before the baby comes.  We try to have a mom/sisters trip every summer, but that stupid bar got in the way.  So we planned a last minute one, right before these bellies burst.

While it was not well documented with pictures, we had a ton of fun.  Pool, pedis, eating, talking, laughing... all things a girls weekend should be.

Tara's baby is going to be like 10 pounds!!
Now, because her baby is gigantic, she's scheduled to be induced on Friday.  I don't think I'll be going that early, so our babies won't share a birthday again.  :(

But let me tell you about my Drakey boy.  He is the sweetest thing.  He loves this baby so much, and he insists on taking care of me.  If I need to pick up anything, he says, "no mom, let me get that, you're pregnant".  If I need something from upstairs, he says, "I'll get it for you mom, you're pregnant".  He's my water boy, always refilling my water cup, and he's always wanting to touch and kiss my belly, and talks to the baby.  I love it.  
36 weeks
 A week ago, it was raining really hard here.  (it was awesome!!)  Well I was on my way to go get a facial my girlfriends gave me for graduation, and was going down the stairs to the girl's studio, when I slipped and fell down a few stairs.  It was scary, but more embarrassing since she heard me.  Anyway, since then, Drake reminds me before he goes to school each day to "wear your belly band, and hold on to the hand rails when you're going down stairs."  What a sweet heart.

Also... nesting.  This baby doesn't have any clothes yet.  I have three onesies, that need to be washed, no blankets, burp cloths, bottles, stroller, etc.  I started to panic the other day, and decided that maybe we should do a shower before the baby comes.  We were going to wait until after the birth so we know if it's a boy or girl, but we'll go ahead anyway.
But I do have a cute crib my friend Jen gave me, and I did buy and wash the crib sheet!  See, I'm getting ready.  ;)

 And here I am.  37 weeks pregnant.  Full term.  And I promise, I do put on clothes and make up most days.  But apparently I don't take pictures on those days to prove it.  
You can see that the baby's dropped.  Which means I have more room to eat more!  But I do pee about every 14 minutes.
37 weeks
I have a good friend who's been doing a weekly update on her blog about her pregnancy.  It's so cute, and now I wish I had been more diligent about documenting this.  I was fine doing without taking belly pictures, until I was looking for pictures of me pregnant with Gwen and Drake, and only found one picture of my belly with Gwen, and none with Drake!  So even though I feel extremely unattractive, I will take some pictures anyway so when I look for pregnant pictures in 7 or 17 years, I will have some.  

And still, just about everyday, Ryan and I will look at each other and say, "I can't believe we're having a baby!"  Still shocking.  Still exciting.  Can't wait to meet this baby!


Layton Clan said...

You are adorable! Cant wait to see baby McPhie!!!

Tara T said...

you Have dropped!! And good job taking more belly pics. You are so small you'll want to remember that!
You better start having lots of sex, spicy foods, exercise, and anything else you can think of to have that baby the same day I do!!!!!!!

Tawnya said...

3 onesies, really!?? Holy moly. well, one more week and you'll be more sitchiated.

MediocreMama said...

I love your belly shots. And sweet Drake...he's going to be an awesome husband. And big brother.