Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I made these Lemon Ricotta cookies tonight, (I'll just stay up til one to do my school readings now) and holy smokes are they good! Supposedly they're kinda healthy too (in a cookie way) because they don't have a lot of butter, and you use skim ricotta. So you've got extra protein, calcium, less fat, but just as much sugar. I suppose if you wanted to get crazy you could use some stevia and whole wheat flour, but then they might taste like poo. Just my opinion.
I love the citrus time of year, and that I can just go out and pick a fresh lemon to zest up. Plus, I think I've eaten four oranges a day for the last couple weeks. I always want to live close to citrus!!


Emily said...

I gotta admit, they sound kind of gross. However, I trust your opinion. :) I wish I lived near citrus!

MediocreMama said...

I was thinking of this just today while I ate the majority of a pineapple...I wish I lived near citrus, too.

Although in Vegas we do grow one thing year round like no other city in America.