Friday, January 21, 2011

It's that time of year again!

It's my favorite! Everything is just so cute, and it's so nice to celebrate your love for your friends and family.

But also, V-day candy.
I can't complain about being able to buy a bag of Tootsie Pops that are ALL cherry flavored. I mean that's my favorite flavor!!
I'm currently on bag 4. I eat 3-4 everyday at school. My tongue pays a price, but it's worth it.

Also, the cinnamon hearts! They're like super soft cinnamon bears, but even better. $1 a bag at Fry's. Also, on bag #4.

But these are my favorite!!
That may be a picture of cinnamon imperials, but that's not what I'm talking about. These are about the size of a quarter, and thick. I don't remember the brand, but you can get them at William's Sonoma this time of year, $12/bag, and again, sooo worth it!! They just melt in your mouth and have the BEST spicy cinnamon flavor to them.
I just may have to make a trip out to the mall tomorrow!

So in closing, I love V-day candy, and who needs new year resolutions anyway?!


Taylors said...

the size of a quarter?!?! I MUST try these!! Ugh, darn kids. I lugging around 3 kids to the mall

MediocreMama said...

I love Valentine's too. It just makes me really happy.

This post makes me wish we lived on your street so you could bake us some treats and deliver them to us on V-day. Plus maybe cook us dinner afterwards.

Rachelle Underwood said...

Kristin! It was so awesome you called me the other day! I loved hearing your voice. I'm hoping you didn't feel like I needed to get off the phone, I just didn't want to be bothering you blabbing about Hawaii when you were in a store. Anyways, seriously, thanks for calling. I miss my friends in AZ. Unfortunately I feel like we will never go there for a I have to rely on blogs, facebook,and emails to keep in touch. You and Ryan need to come here to celebrate next year...