Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon 2011

Ryan did it!!! His first half.
And he did great! 2:01:42. That's on a week and a half of training people.
(and no I don't have a tumor on my back, that's my running fanny pack!)
We stayed together the whole time, listening to the mix that Tara and I stayed up the night before putting together.
Which brings me to my next thought. Apple needs to have blue tooth or something between ipods. We spent the first half of our run trying to synchronize our music. We finally gave up and gave in to my music being only a half a second ahead of Ryan's.
Next thought. There's a lot of nice people out there. Like the two guys that we had take pictures of us at the finish and then email them to us because we forgot our camera/phone. Thanks a lot anonymous photographer.


Emily said...

It kinda makes me sick when guys can run long distances with minimal training. ha. But great job anyway Ryan! You should market a synch tool to apple and get some money from that idea. Your kind, anonymous photographer did a great job!

Taylors said...

seriously not fair that guys can do that kind of crap. I would have had to train for like 6 months! Good job Ryan

JacksonFamily said...

Great job Ryan. How do you two find the time?

sochie said...

looks like you guys did awesome! Great job you two!